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Cllr Jan Goffey, Mayor of Okehampton 2016-17Courtesy of the Okehampton Times & James BirdParade & Civic Service 2016
Okehampton Town Council
Parade & Civic Service 2016Parade & Civic Service 2016Parade & Civic Service 2016
Okehampton Town Council
Parade & Civic Service 2016Mace Bearer David HollinsheadMace Bearer Basil Jones
Okehampton Town Council

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Cllr Jan Goffey, Mayor of Okehampton 2016-17

Tel: 01837 53179

The role of the Town Mayor

The Mayor is expected to attend all Council and Committee meetings. The Town Mayor automatically become a trustee of Okehampton United Charities, Okehampton Educational Foundation, Simmons Homes, and The Charities of Holditch & Others. On appointment the Mayor becomes the President of Cancer Research (Okehampton Branch) and President of the Okehampton Friendly Circle. The Mayor is an honorary member of the Okehampton Rotary Club during his term of office.

For those wishing to have the attendance of the Mayor at any function then please contact the Town Hall.


Councillor Jan Goffey, Mayor of Okehampton 2016/17

A couple of years after the Second World War, a very tiny baby was born in Liverpool Maternity Hospital ..... weighing a mere 2lb 4oz (1kg 20.6 g).

That was me ..... not expected to survive but feisty from the word go, I spent the first three months of my life in an incubator.  Apparently I had very strong lungs even then .....

At University, I was one of the first women in the country to gain the new Bachelor of Education Degree ..... an extremely tough four-year course!  I began my teaching career in Toxteth, Liverpool 8 - a rather notorious but very interesting area.  No teachers spoke Scouse, our aim was then to teach clearly spoken English, it wasn't acceptable then for professional people to have a regional accent.  My family and I gradually moved further and further south and ended up in Okehampton over 30 years.

Since then I have taught not only in Okehampton but also Exbourne, Northlew, Lydford and other even smaller villages.  I started doing a Master's Degree in Special Needs Education and completed the first module, my dissertation was on Rural Deprivation.  After working in an 'Area of Profound Social Deprivation' I realised that living in the country brings its own kinds of social difficulties for young families (and the elderly).

Since retiring I have volunteered in the Heart Foundation shop and the Museum.  For several years I co-ordinated volunteers for Wren Events.  I still am the local co-ordinator for Books on Wheels for the RVS and the Library.

For the last four years I have been a Town Councillor and for two years Chair of Property and Deputy Mayor.  Now, as your Mayor I hope to make our lovely little town welcoming and beautiful to visitors and residents alike.

We face many challenges as a small town, not least retaining our independent shops, providing employment for our young people, improving our infrastructure (a daily rail service) and working with The Hamlets towards sustainable development.  We are not a wealthy town like some, but with goodwill and hard work we can, as a community, achieve a great deal towards this goal.


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