Okehampton Town Council
Okehampton Town Council Chamber The Town Hall in Okehampton The town centre of Okehampton Swiss style chalet, Simmons Park, Okehampton Simmons Park, Okehampton, walks along the East Okement River Adventure play ground, Simmons Park, Okehampton Children's play area, Parklands Leisure Centre and putting green in Simmons Park, Okehampton Band stand, Simmons Park, Okehampton The Skate Park, Okehampton Dartmoor Railway, Okehampton

Representatives to Other Bodies

Advance OkehamptonCllr Mrs J Goffey
Town Clerk
Chamber of TradeCllr Mrs C Marsh
Children's CentreCllr A Leech
Citizens Advice Cllr A Leech
DALC (Larger Councils Sub-Committee)Councillor Mrs J Yelland
Town Clerk
Dartmoor National Park ForumCllr T Cummings or Councillor Mrs J Goffey
Dartmoor Railway Supporters' AssociationCllr Dr M Ireland
FairtradeCllr Mrs V Cushing
Kempley Meadows & Cricket Field CharityAll Councillors ex officio
Museum of Dartmoor Life ( Council-nominated trustee)Cllr Mrs J Goffey
North Dartmoor Search and Rescue GroupCllr Dr M Ireland
North Devon Link ParishesCllr T Cummings
Cllr Dr M Ireland
Ockment CentreCllr A Leech
Okehampton & District Community Transport GroupCllr A Leech
Okehampton Carnival CommitteeCllr Mrs J Carpenter
Okehampton Community ArchiveCllr Miss C Holt
Okehampton Community Recreation Association (OCRA)Cllr B Tolley
Okehampton Health & Wellbeing AllianceCllr Mrs V Cushing
Okehampton MattersCllr Mrs J Goffey
Cllr Dr M Ireland
Okehampton RemembersCllr Mrs C Marsh
Okehampton United CharityEx officio -
Cllr Mrs J Goffey (Mayor)
Cllr P Vachon (Retiring Mayor)
OTC nominated -
Mr A Fisher
Cllr Dr M Ireland
Parklands Leisure Centre Users' GroupCllr A Leech
Cllr Mrs C Marsh
Simmons Homes CharityEx officio -
Cllr Mrs J Goffey (Mayor)
Revd S Cook
OTC nominated -
Mr D Webber
Cllr Mrs C Marsh
Cllr M Davies
Mr D Drew
Cllr K Ball
Simmons Park CharityAll Councillors ex officio
The Charities of Holditch and Others Ex officio -
Cllr Mrs J Goffey (Mayor)
OTC nominated -
Cllr Mrs C Marsh
Mrs Booth
Mr C Letchford
Town Hall CharityAll Councillors ex officio
Youth Issues/Room 13Cllr Mrs C Marsh
Tel: 01837 53179


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