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Welcome to the official website of Okehampton Town Council

Okehampton Town Council have a number of facilities and services which are provided for use by the general public, including the Charter Hall which can be rented for a wide variety of functions and events. The impressive Council Chamber is available for hire and may be used for civil ceremonies. The Committee Room is also available for hire for meetings. Wifi is available in all rooms.

The town of Okehampton is situated on the northern edge of Dartmoor in West Devon.  Okehampton is an ancient town and was initially settled in the Bronze Age.  It lies at the confluence of the East and West Okement Rivers from which is takes its name.  Okehampton has been described as the walking centre of Dartmoor.  It is also popular with cyclists and walkers taking the Granite Way, a beautiful trail from Okehampton to Lydford.

The town has many attractions including the spectacular ruins of Okehampton Castle which date back to Norman times and the beautiful expansive parkland at Simmons Park with leisurely river side walks, ornamental gardens and a Swiss style chalet, multi sports facilities and playing areas for all ages as well as the Parklands Leisure Centre.  The impressive tower of St James Chapel (15C) dominates the main street which in times gone by was the Old London Road lined with coaching inns which can still be seen today.  The Town Hall, a handsome building with granite facade built in 1685 adds a touch of elegance to the town centre which also boasts a number of vibrant shopping arcades as well as the acclaimed Museum of Dartmoor Life.

Devon County Council's On-Street Parking Charges Consultation 

DCC are proposing to introduce a payment system for on-street parking in areas of Okehampton town centre and have commenced a consultation, details of which will be available on their website.

This is despite the survey undertaken by Okehampton Town Council about their initial proposal, which has since been amended, and the very clear evidence from this that 97% of residents, traders and visitors to Okehampton did not support the proposal.  DCC were also asked by a number of the towns/parish in Devon which DCC are consulting for a similar scheme to delay the consultation until after Christmas, but this has been refused.

Okehampton Town Council are hold a public consultation about the proposals on
Thursday 14th December at 7pm in the Ockment Centre.

Community Governance Boundary Review

West Devon Borough Council (WDBC) recently wrote to all households in Okehampton Town and surrounding Hamlets setting out the next stage of the Boundary Review consultation which closes on 1 December 2023.  The options being consulted upon are:

  • Option 1 - that the existing parish boundaries of Okehampton Town Council and Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council be amended in line with those presented on the original petition document: or
  • Option 2 - that the status quo be retained in relation to the parish boundaries of Okehampton Town Council and Okehampton Hamlets Parish Council.

The link to the review can be found here.

Okehampton Town Residents
If you want to see a change, your action is imperative. 
To have your say, complete the consultation by 1st December.

A copy of a document being distributed from Okehampton Town Council setting out the details of its request for a change to the boundary can be found here and a copy of the original petition submitted to WDBC here.

Christmas Trail

The Christmas trail is around Simmons Park. The double sided trail sheet has elves to hunt and Christmas characters to find.

Trail sheets available from the Town Hall or download here.

Bring your completed trail sheet to the town hall for a chocolate prize

Simmons Park Car Park - Free Christmas Parking

Parking in Simmons Park Car Park will be free daily from 12noon commencing on Edwardian Evening, 30th November, and continuing throughout December 2023.

Okehampton and Okehampton Hamlets Neighbourhood Plan - Regulation 16 Consultation

A paper copy is available in the Town Hall or can be downloaded.  For more information or to comment please visit the website or the Town Hall.  

Town Guide

An Okehampton Town Guide is available from the Town Hall or down loadable from here.


Allotments in Okehampton are owned and managed by Okehampton United Charity and queries relating to them should be directed to the Charity who can be contacted by phone on 07715 621480 or email 

Public Space Protection Order for Dog Control - Simmons Park

In 2021 WDBC updated their Public Space Protection Order for Dog Control following a consultation period in 2020 when the Town Council requested the thoughts of residents.  Okehampton Town Council has reviewed the Order and the implications for the control of dogs within its outdoor spaces and from 1st April 2021 the following change will come into force and bring Simmons Park in line with the Order:

From 1st April 2022 dogs will be required to be on a lead in the formal garden area of Simmons Park.  This is the area on the Chalet/pond side of the river.  Full details can be downloaded, obtained from the office or by emailing 


There are currently 9 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras within the town and Simmons Park, with more to follow in phase 2 of the project.  The aim of these is to help tackle crime and antisocial behaviour, and to keep the public safe.

Images from the CCTV cameras are recorded 24 hours a day and footage from the system can be used as evidence.  Where an offence has been report in an area covered by the cameras, the Police may ask to view the any footage that might be helpful.

If you would like to apply for access to the CCTV footage please complete the application form which you will need to bring into the Council Office in the Town Hall along with the required forms of identification or send it direct to the monitoring hub in Torbay, the details of which are contained within the form.

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Information about Okehampton

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Okehampton Neighbourhood Plan

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