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Meetings, Minutes & Agendas

Full Council and Committee meetings are usually held in the Council Chamber on Monday evenings, starting at 7 pm.  All of the meetings listed below are open to the public and the press and are subject to the Protocol on the Recording of Meetings (click for link).

At the start of each meeting, members of the public have the opportunity to address the Councillors and bring to their attention issues which they wish to raise. The public and press are welcome to remain in the meeting room and listen to the remainder of the meeting after their session has finished. If any items of a confidential matter are to be discussed (eg. tenders, staffing matters) a resolution may be passed excluding the public from that part of the meeting.

The meetings and minutes of the Full Council and the various Committees are listed below. If you require minutes from previous meetings, these can be obtained from the Town Hall.

30 March 2020Full Council  Annual Town Assembly   
23 March 2020Full Council     
16 March 2020Policy and Resources     
16 March 2020Property     
16 March 2020Planning  (applications only)   
09 March 2020Planning  (applications only)   
09 March 2020Parks     
24 February 2020Full Council    Agenda
17 February 2020Property  Addition  Agenda
17 February 2020Property    Minutes (Unapproved)
10 February 2020Policy and Resources    Minutes (Unapproved)
03 February 2020Planning    Minutes (Unapproved)
27 January 2020Full Council    Minutes (Unapproved)
20 January 2020Parks    Minutes (Unapproved)
13 January 2020Policy and Resources    Minutes (Unapproved)
13 January 2020Planning  (applications only)  Minutes (Unapproved)
16 December 2019Full Council    Minutes
09 December 2019Policy and Resources    Minutes
09 December 2019Planning  (applications only)  Minutes (Unapproved)
02 December 2019Property    Minutes (Unapproved)
02 December 2019Policy and Resources  Budget Meeting  Minutes
02 December 2019Parks  Budget Meeting  Minutes
25 November 2019Full Council    Minutes
18 November 2019Parks    Minutes
11 November 2019Policy and Resources    Minutes
04 November 2019Planning    Minutes (Unapproved)
28 October 2019Full Council    Minutes
21 October 2019Planning  (applications only)  Minutes
21 October 2019Property    Minutes
18 October 2019Policy and Resources  Personnel Sub-Committee  Minutes (Unapproved)
14 October 2019Policy and Resources    Minutes
07 October 2019Planning    Minutes
30 September 2019Full Council    Minutes
16 September 2019Parks    Minutes
09 September 2019Full Council  Extraordinary Meeting  Minutes
09 September 2019Policy and Resources    Minutes
02 September 2019Planning  (applications only)  Minutes
02 September 2019Property    Minutes
05 August 2019Full Council  Extraordinary Meeting  Minutes
05 August 2019Planning    Minutes
29 July 2019Full Council    Minutes
29 July 2019Property  Extraordinary Meeting  Minutes
22 July 2019Parks    Minutes
15 July 2019Policy and Resources    Minutes
11 July 2019Full Council  Extraordinary Meeting  Minutes
01 July 2019Planning  (applications only)  Minutes
01 July 2019Property    Minutes
24 June 2019Full Council  Agenda Amendment  Minutes
24 June 2019Full Council    Minutes
17 June 2019Policy and Resources    Minutes
10 June 2019Planning    Minutes
03 June 2019Parks    Minutes
03 June 2019Full Council  Extraordinary Meeting  Minutes
23 May 2019Policy and Resources  Extraordinary Meeting  Minutes
23 May 2019Policy and Resources  Personnel Sub-Committee  Minutes
20 May 2019Planning  (applications only)  Minutes
20 May 2019Full Council  Agenda Amendment  Minutes
20 May 2019Full Council    Minutes
15 May 2019Full Council  Annual Meeting/Mayor Choosing  Minutes
29 April 2019Full Council    Minutes
15 April 2019Policy and Resources  Personnel Sub-Committee  Minutes
15 April 2019Policy and Resources    Minutes
15 April 2019Full Council  Extraordinary Meeting  Minutes
08 April 2019Planning  (applications only)  Minutes
08 April 2019Property    Minutes
01 April 2019Full Council  Annual Town Assembly  Minutes (Unapproved)
25 March 2019Full Council    Minutes
18 March 2019Planning    Minutes
04 March 2019Policy and Resources    Minutes
04 March 2019Planning  (applications only)  Minutes
04 March 2019Full Council  Extraordinary Meeting  Minutes
25 February 2019Full Council    Minutes
25 February 2019Planning  (applications only)  Minutes


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