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Okehampton Skate Park


Okehampton Town Council has a number of committees which are listed below with their membership. The Mayor and Chairs of the various committees are automatically members of all committees.

The Parks Committee has responsibility for the maintenance of Simmons Park, Kempley Meadows, Clapps Wood and other open spaces, the Town Council car parks, the skate park, the cemetery, some public rights of way, bus shelters and wayside seats. It also has responsibility for reviewing and implementing the Development Plan in respect of parks and open spaces.

The Planning Committee is responsible for reviewing and commenting where appropriate on all matters relating to planning, including individual applications and wider strategic planning matters. We are a statutory consultee in the planning process. It also ensures that the Council's Crime and Disorder Reduction Strategy is taken into account in comments in respect of planning applications.

The Policy and Resources Committee has responsibility for supervision and control of the Council's finances, including the allocation of occasional and regular grants to support organisations which benefit the residents of the town. It manages the personnel employed by the Council and oversees the use of IT.

The Property Committee has responsibility for the Civic buildings and property, including the Town Hall, Charter Hall and parts of the Market Hall as well as other smaller items of property owned by the Council.

The attendance of individual Members at scheduled meetings of committees of which they were members and at scheduled full council meetings held between 15 May 2019 and 16 March 2020 is shown as a percentage and can be seen below.

92%  Cllr Julie Yelland

94%  Cllr Michael Ireland

87%  Cllr Greta Button

85%  Cllr Jan Goffey

100%  Cllr Carole Holt

93%  Cllr Paul Jessop

98%  Cllr Tony Leech

88%  Cllr Christine Marsh

73%  Cllr David Penna

88%  Cllr Deborah Sanger

86%  Cllr Bob Tolley

83%  Cllr Debra Travers

49%  Cllr Marilyn Tucker

92%  Cllr Paul Vachon (resigned 10.03.2020)

Policy and Resources Committee

Cllr Bob Tolley (Committee Chair)
Cllr Deborah Sanger (Committee Vice Chair)
Cllr Greta Button
Cllr Brendan Matravers
Cllr Debra Travers

Agenda and Minutes of Committee Meetings

Parks Committee

Cllr Christine Marsh (Committee Chair)
Cllr Carole Holt (Committee Vice Chair)
Cllr Terry Abbots
Cllr Greta Button
Cllr Dr Michael Ireland
Cllr Paul Jessop

Agenda and Minutes of Committee Meetings

Property Committee

Cllr Jan Goffey (Committee Chair)
Cllr Debra Travers (Committee Vice Chair)
Cllr Carole Holt
Cllr Deborah Sanger

Agenda and Minutes of Committee Meetings

Planning Committee

Cllr Antony Leech (Committee Chair)
Cllr Dr Michael Ireland (Committee Vice Chair)
Cllr Terry Abbots
Cllr Jan Goffey
Cllr Paul Jessop
Cllr Brendan Matravers

Agenda and Minutes of Committee Meetings

Emergency Committee

Cllr Julie Yelland (Town Mayor)
Cllr Christine Marsh (Chair, Parks)
Cllr Antony Leech (Chair, Planning)
Cllr Bob Tolley (Chair, Policy and Resources)
Cllr Jan Goffey (Chair, Property)

Agenda and Minutes of Committee Meetings