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Okehampton Town Hall


Okehampton Town Council owns and is responsible for the newest Cemetery area at All Saints Church, known as Okehampton Cemetery.

Northmoor Team Ministry have been managing the Cemetery, however from 1st April 2021 this is being brought in-house and will be run by the Town Council under the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977.    This Cemetery area is un-consecrated.

Bookings for funerals or the interment of ashes in the Cemetery on or after 1st April 2021 must be made through the Town Council who can be contacted on 01837 53189 or  The initial booking must be made by phone.

Looking for the location of a grave?  If so, this website might be useful

Notice - Memorial Safety Testing

Okehampton Town Council staff will be undertaking routine inspection of memorials in its Cemetery in August and September 2021. 

As the landowner the Council is obliged to undertake this work to ensure that the Cemetery is a safe place for the public to visit and staff to work.

Under this safety testing programme all memorials will be tested by trained staff using approved testing procedures.  Any memorials found to be unsafe will be either laid flat, secured with a temporary stake or cordoned off to ensure that they do not present a risk to visitors.

For further information please contact Okehampton Town Council.

Policies and Documentation

Cemetery Brochure

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Memorial Policy

Cemetery Fees

Grave Digging Policy