Okehampton Town Council - Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

Full Council and Committee meetings are usually held in the Council Chamber on Monday evenings, normally starting at 7pm.  All of the meetings listed below are open to the public and the press and are subject to the Protocol on the Recording of Meetings.

At the start of each meeting, members of the public have the opportunity to address the Councillors and bring to their attention issues which they wish to raise. The public and press are welcome to remain in the meeting room and listen to the remainder of the meeting after their session has finished. If any items of a confidential matter are to be discussed (eg. tenders, staffing matters) a resolution may be passed excluding the public from that part of the meeting.

The meetings and minutes of the Full Council and the various Committees are listed below. If you require minutes from previous meetings, these can be obtained from the Town Hall.

The 2022/23 meeting schedule can be found here (PDF)


26/09/2022 Agenda , Meeting Report

22/08/2022 Agenda Minutes (Unapproved), Meeting Report

25/07/2022 Agenda Minutes, Meeting Report, Agenda Amendment

27/06/2022 Agenda Minutes, Report

23/05/2022 Agenda Minutes, Meeting Report, AGAR

11/05/2022 Annual meeting Agenda Minutes, Lists of committees groups and others , Meeting schedule

25/04/2022 Agenda Minutes, Meeting report

04/04/2022 Agenda Minutes

28/03/2022 Annual Town Assembly Agenda Minutes (Unapproved)

21/03/2022 Agenda Minutes

07/03/2022 Extraordinary Agenda Minutes

28/02/2022 Agenda Minutes, Meeting Report

31/01/2022 Agenda Minutes, Meeting Report, Agenda Amendment

20/12/2021 Agenda Minutes, Meeting Report

29/11/2021 Agenda Minutes

01/11/2021 Extraordinary Agenda Minutes

25/10/2021 Agenda Minutes, Meeting Report

27/09/2021 Agenda Minutes, Meeting Report

23/08/2021 Agenda Minutes, Meeting Report

26/07/2021 Agenda Minutes, ToR Queens Platinum Jubilee, Consultation Shaping the future of transport, Consultation National Bus Service

28/06/2021 Agenda Minutes, Meeting Item report

24/05/2021 Agenda Minutes, Balance Sheet, AGAR section 1, Protocol for OHNGP, Welcome back fund, Civic Diary

05/05/2021 Annual Meeting Agenda Minutes, Draft Meeting Schedule, OTC Committee Lists, Representatives on External Bodies, Working Groups

26/04/2021 Agenda Minutes, Meetings from 6th May, Fairtrade letter, Draft Meeting Schedule

29/03/2021 Agenda Minutes, Okehampton to South Zeal Feasibility, Resource and Waste Management, Levelling up prospectus, Stagecoach service, Face to Face meetings, Roadside action party, In defence of town and parish clerks, virements, management agreement

22/03/2021 Annual Town Meeting Agenda Minutes

15/03/2021 Agenda Minutes

22/02/2021 Agenda Minutes, St James Street Proposal, Placemaking ToR, Restoring your railway, Meeting Report Dates

25/01/2021 Agenda Minutes, Final Budget, Proposal Cllrs Travers and Button, Clerks Report COVID grants, Devon Interim Climate Plan, DCT Climate Emergency Planning Survey, Draft Housing Strategy Consultation, Dog Control Articles, RMTG Next Phase, Rural Market Town, Councillor Employee Protocol

Policy and Resources Committee Meetings

12/09/2022 MEETING CANCELLED Agenda , Grant feedback and applications, Management Accounts June 22, Management accounts July 22, Postvard Report

25/07/2022 Personnel Committee Agenda Minutes (Unapproved)

18/07/2022 Agenda Minutes (Unapproved), Management Accounts Month Ended 31 May 22

13/06/2022 Agenda Minutes , Draft Grant Policy, Grant Feedback and applications , Management accounts, Meeting Report

09/05/2022 Agenda Minutes , Delegation Scheme, Financial management, Financial Regs, Grant applications, Health and Safety Policy, Investment strategy, meeting report, reserve policy

11/04/2022 Agenda Minutes , Meeting Report, Management accounts

07/03/2022 Agenda Minutes , Managemenent Accounts, Grants feedback and applications, meeting report

14/02/2022 Agenda Minutes , Managemenent Accounts, Grants feedback and applications

17/01/2022 Agenda Minutes , Civility and Respect Project, Grants and Financial informaiton, Management accounts, Policies, Visitor Guide

09/12/2021 Personnel Sub Committee Agenda Minutes (Unapproved)

06/12/2021 Agenda Minutes , Meeting Report, Management Accounts

15/11/2021 Agenda Minutes , Flexible working consultation, whistleblowing policy, Waste Management and Recyling Policy, Management Accounts, Draft Budget, SP KM Managemenet Plan

11/10/2021 Agenda Minutes , Absence Management Policy, Bullying and Harassment Policy, Capability Procedure, Disciplinary Procedure , Expenses Policy, Grant Application ODCTG, Meeting Report, Shared Parental Leave, Maternity Adoption Paternity Policy, Management Accounts

13/09/2021 Agenda Minutes , Equal opportunites policy, Grant feed back forms, Honorary Freeman Policy, Report, Recruitment Policy, Safeguarding policy, Terms of Reference, Wood Logs policy, Standing orders

16/08/2021 Agenda Minutes , Grant Feedback and applications, Meeting report IT

12/07/2021 Agenda Minutes , Grant Application Okey Music Day, Internal Communication Survey, Management accounts, Meeting Report

21/06/2021 Agenda Minutes , Grant Award Feedback TOR , Grant Application Oke Fairtrade, Grant Application S. Western Ambulance, WDBC Code of Conduct, Meeting Risk report

17/05/2021 Agenda Minutes , Reserves Policy 2021, Privacy Policy Data Protection 2021, Privacy Notice 2021, Privacy Notice May 2021, Grant Application Museum and Tourist Information, Financial Regs May 2021, Investment Strategy May 2021, Grant Application Okey Music

22/04/2021 Agenda Minutes , Item 5 Grant Feedback, Item 7 Management Accounts , Payment Schedule 12 April for Ratification, Item 7 Savings Account, Item 8 Internal Control Statement

12/04/2021 CANCELLED Agenda , Internal Control Statement, Management accounts

08/03/2021 Agenda Minutes , Wren Music Grant Application, OCRA Grant Application, Documemt Retention Policy, Financial Management Risk Assessment, Financial Regulations, Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

08/02/2021 Agenda Minutes , Cemetery brochure, Lone working policy, Cemetery fees and charges, Health and safety policy, Grant feedback form, Duke of Edinburgh, Oke United charity, Oke Community Archives, Covid 19 grants policy

11/01/2021 Agenda Minutes , Ocra Grant Feedback Form, Oke & District Grant Feedback Form, Management Accounts, Budget Draft minus CTSG, Final Budget Draft

Parks Committee Meetings

03/10/2022 Agenda , Meeting Report

22/08/2022 Agenda Minutes (Unapproved)

20/06/2022 Agenda Minutes (Unapproved), Meeting Report

04/04/2022 Agenda Minutes , Meeting Report

07/02/2022 Agenda Minutes , Meeting Report, Park Sign Version 1

13/12/2021 Agenda Minutes , Meeting Report

15/11/2021 Budget Meeting Agenda Minutes , Draft Budget

18/10/2021 Agenda Minutes , Meeting Report, Management Plan, Water Resource Charge Proposals, Control of Dogs

05/07/2021 Agenda Minutes , Meeting Report, Fairplace proposal

22/04/2021 Agenda Minutes , Leaflet Page 1, Leaflet page 2, Leaflet page 3, Leaflet report

01/03/2021 Agenda Minutes , Deloitte ride accross Britain, Walkers are welcome, Okehampton to South Zeal

18/01/2021 Agenda Minutes , Easter Egg Trails

Property Committee Meetings

05/09/2022 Agenda Minutes (Unapproved), Meeting Report

06/06/2022 Agenda Minutes (Unapproved), Meeting Report, Plaque Report

14/03/2022 Agenda Minutes

14/02/2022 Agenda Minutes

24/01/2022 Agenda Minutes , Meeting Report

06/12/2021 Agenda Minutes

15/11/2021 Budget Meeting Agenda Minutes , Draft Budget

08/11/2021 Agenda Minutes , Meeting Report

02/08/2021 Agenda Minutes , Bookings Augsut to October, Wedding Report

15/03/2021 Agenda Minutes , Hire Fees and Charges

18/01/2021 Agenda Minutes , Water Boiler Replacement

Planning Committee Meetings

05/09/2022 applications only Agenda Minutes (Unapproved)

25/08/2022 Agenda Minutes (Unapproved)

08/08/2022 applications only Agenda Minutes (Unapproved), Agenda Amendment

04/07/2022 MEETING CANCELLED Agenda , Meeting Report

13/06/2022 applications only Agenda Minutes (Unapproved)

16/05/2022 Agenda Minutes (Unapproved), Meeting report

09/05/2022 applications only Agenda Minutes

04/04/2022 Agenda Minutes

07/03/2022 Agenda Minutes

21/02/2022 Agenda Minutes , Meeting Report, Memorandum of Understanding

07/02/2022 Agenda Minutes

13/12/2021 Applications Only Agenda Minutes

22/11/2021 Agenda Minutes , Meeting Report, DNPA Byelaws

08/11/2021 Applications Only Agenda Minutes

11/10/2021 Applications Only Agenda Minutes , Street Naming Consulation

04/10/2021 Agenda Minutes , Meeting Report, WDBC Gambling Consultation, Premises Licence Application Guidance, Draft Memorandum of Understanding with Parish Coun

13/09/2021 Applications Only Agenda Minutes

06/09/2021 Agenda Minutes

09/08/2021 Applications Only Agenda Minutes

02/08/2021 Applications Only Agenda Minutes

12/07/2021 Agenda Minutes

07/06/2021 Agenda Minutes

04/05/2021 Agenda Minutes , Special Educational School, Additional agenda item

22/04/2021 Applications Only Agenda Minutes

12/04/2021 Cancelled Agenda

15/03/2021 Agenda Minutes

08/03/2021 Agenda Minutes

08/02/2021 Agenda Minutes

01/02/2021 Agenda Minutes

11/01/2021 Applications only Agenda Minutes

Emergency Committee Meetings

24/02/2021 Agenda Minutes (Unapproved)

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